The shelter

The facility stands on an area of 5,300 sq. m., which is adjacent to the plot already occupied by donkeys and horses and is divided into three lots: the first group of enclosures covers an area of 45 sq. m. with 28 sq. m. of indoor area, the second develops on a surface of 27 sq. m. with a 18 sq. m. room and the third one with a 20 sq. m. open space and 13 sq. m. indoor area.
The estimated overall capacity is of 200 dogs. Moreover we arranged for a large enclosure dedicated to the socialization and education of our dogs, important activities which we intend to develop even more in the future in order to increase the percentage of adoptable dogs.

All the kennels are made of modular “sandwich” panels, specially designed to ensure maximum hygiene, while the bottom of each room is made of concrete and waterproofed by a quartz processing. The shelter is equipped with a pressure washer working both with cold and hot water in order to guarantee an utmost cleaning. All the rooms have been provided with automatic water troughs that allow a constant water supply, with no need for a manual carrying.

The shelter is a transit place for hundreds of stray dogs from the streets of Cernavoda and surroundings or abandoned by the citizens. All the animals we host are intended to be adopted. At the moment we rehome 98% of our dogs abroad, since the number of local adoptions is still very low. We hope that this trend may change in the near future.

The shelter is open every day and welcomes both tourists and representatives of authorities and Romanian associations looking for a source of inspiration for their own facilities.